A2B Solution Inc. continues the implementation of COLLABO-RAY in all sectors

After CESS, the center of expertise in health Estrie recently established and SIP GROUP (electrical contractor of the South Shore of Montreal), A2B Solution Inc. has initiated the implementation of a COLLABO-RAY site for the Oil transformation group of HYDRO-QUÉBEC located in Varennes and for a tourism organization DESTINATION SHERBROOKE.

Several other projects are currently on the drawing table of A2B Solution Inc. and will be announced shortly.

The COLLABO-RAY service allows access to a collaborative environment for an individual or a team through the web, including:

  • Sharing documents via a documentation library  with revision management;
  • The creation and sharing of calendars;
  • The creation, sharing and assigning tasks;
  • Integration of Access or Excel data to create, manage or publish data or lists of data for you or your team; and you can limit the amount of information you want to give access  as you wish (choice of rows or columns to be published) easily;
  • The creation of advertisements, surveys, discussion forums and knowledge base “Blog” style;
  • A single user management to supervise and / or limit access to information.

In fact, COLLABO-RAY allows you to have access to an intranet for your team fully web, easy to use and very affordable. This intranet can even become an extranet for your customers if you want. In addition, this environment is secure on powerful web servers with service redundancy and built-in backup.