A2B SOLUTION INC. is a consulting firm  in BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE providing coaching and training services by:

  • CAPTURING your business intelligence and knowledge (BK) (YOUR apps and YOUR data);
  • BOXING your business intelligence (BK) (YOUR business practices using business process management BPM);
  • MEASURING your business intelligence (BI) to monitor and drive the business improvements activities (YOUR measures, key indicators and dashboards);
  • PUBLISHING your business intelligence (BC) (YOUR intranet or collaboration tools)

and then guide you to the best practices according to your needs.

A2B SOLUTION  INC. also developed a large expertise in the information management in the CLOUD or in your own CLOUD  using  and maximising the use of Microsoft SharePoint and/or OFFICE 365 within your organization.

Experts agree on the fact that information are generated more and more easily and quickly. The challenge now is in the adequate management and publication of this information. Companies that learn to master the mass of information that they are generating will take the lead. And our experience in this area with our customers confirms this trend.

A2B SOLUTION  INC. offers management solutions in a variety of areas. 

Founded in 2005, it operates in the Eastern Townships, Center of Quebec, South shore, Mauricie, Quebec City and Montreal. Its consultants have over 24 years of experience in industry and services and great set of tools.

OUR MISSION : To provide innovative management solutions enabling companies to increase their efficiency in order to meet and exceed the needs of the market or their customers.

OUR VALUES : Focus on innovation , teamwork and customer needs and satisfaction . The following values ​​are the pillars the company :

  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Respect