A2B Solution Partners with Infragistics to Support BI and SharePoint Mobilization


A2B Solution Inc. – Partnership Announcement

Combining Infragistics’ mobility offerings with A2B Solution’s expertise to deliver amazing results.

MONTREAL QC – OCTOBER 11, 2016 –A2B Solution, a leader in Business Intelligence and SharePoint consulting, is proud to announce a new partnership with Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing mobile collaboration solutions, to meet the mobility needs of customers in greater Quebec.   As people shift to a digital workforce, companies have developed many tools and processes to get the job done, but many of these rely on traditional networks and connectivity; these desktop-bound tools won’t work when you’re on the go.

“We are very happy with the BI tools supplied by Infragistics which is without any doubt the first and the more efficient apps we could find to connect SharePoint intelligence to create dashboards in the cloud for our customers”, said Denis Paradis, President of A2B Solution Inc.

With access to documents, data, and visualizations within one secure native mobile app, A2B will leverage the Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite to help today’s workers become more efficient.

Stay Connected

Securely Collaborate anywhere in the world. Give your business teams a single mobile workspace on premise or in the Cloud, with access to critical information and the ability to easily collaborate on documents within SharePoint, Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business and Network Drives.

Customize your Workspace

Adapt SharePlus to match the way you work. Create customized mobile workspaces to give anyone in your organization an experience tailored to their role.

Include the Power of Data

Data analytics in unison with content for ultimate productivity. Compliment your content and integrate rich data visualizations into your workspace. Enable your team to achieve better results with a data driven business.

Enable Enterprise Security

Easily enforce and manage policies and permissions within SharePlus on mobile devices. Sensitive business information should stay in the right hands. Be in control at all times with SharePlus’ built-in security features and MDM integration.


“We are excited about the potential of this relationship as we quickly realized a shared vision of helping business teams become more efficient,” said Chris Sullivan, Director, WW Alliances and Channel Sales at Infragistics. “A2B aligns very closely with the core benefits of our mobility suite and we are eager to work together to meet the needs of customers in Quebec.”



Partnership with Layer2 – A2B Solution the First in Quebec

A2B Solution becomes the first official distributor of Layer2 products within the Province of Quebec.

As a mean to continuously improve the connectivity of your data to Cloud base applications such as Office 365 and SharePoint, A2B Solution is proud to announce its recent partnership with Layer2. 

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISV based in Hamburg (Germany), Layer2 is one of the leading providers of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 apps in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Networking. Layer2 has also been known as a reliable partner to customers in Central Europe, offering additional consulting and services in the fields of SharePoint, .NET programming and IT infrastructure for more than 20 years.

“This partnership brings data communication to another level. We can literally connect any database platform to the Cloud…” Stephane Blais, CTO


Your can learn more about Layer2 and the application Cloud Connector by watching the following video.

If you want to have more information about the Cloud Connector product visit layer2solutions.com  or contact us at A2B Solution 



San Gen Shugi (Toyota’s first philosophy) or the art of defining your knowledge before even thinking kaizen …It is urgent to act!

There is too much talk of Kaizen or continuous improvement as the Toyota philosophy to be adopted. But at TOYOTA, everybody will tell you that this is wrong. The first TOYOTA philosophy that must be adopted and the first that I myself  learned in the 90’s working in the TOYOTA’s great family (keiretsu) is the philosophy of the 3 reals (Gen San Shugi)

Genba (The place, the actual location, the real location): Go to the workplace or the actual work area and chat with real actors.

Genjitsu: (Action, the real fact): Judging and quantified using real data and the reality of your business based on the activities, existing methods or processes.

Genbutsu: (The real product or service): View the actual product or service provided, with a focus on the customer internal or external requirements.

Before you even think to KAIZEN, we need to box the best practices of your enterprise SAN GEN SHUGI in real time with real people; because you have good practices and a good product and / or service, otherwise you would not be in business !!! Identify these best practices, standardize them and use them wherever there is a need. By doing this exercise, you also will score a lot of points with your employees or team members. They will feel valued and now part of the changes. Too often we are imposing  them new methods of reform, new practices without even considering the good things they are doing now. The KAIZEN comes next, identifying the processes or tasks (products or services) to improve.

Applying SAN GEN SHUGI Shugi takes some effort but how  much rewarding your employees. And do not worry, they will then be very open to improvements.

This is URGENT, take actions, as in the aging context of the population, the knowledge is running away when your employees are getting retired. It is time to BUILD YOUR BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE !!!!!!

A2B SOLUTION, a firm specialized in the business intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), and enterprise information and intelligence (data, files, dashboards) is bringing you in the cloud.



Business intelligence and A2B Solution Inc.

A2B Solution Inc., always listening the Market needs and new tendancies, is now bringing new BPM (Business Process Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) tools to help their customers AEdifica, Hydro-Québec et Ambulance de l’Estrie  to see and analyze in ”real time” their Big Data”. 

These customers have now access LIVE to Management and operational Dashboards connected to their own Big Data using mobile devices (IPad, IPhone, Android). They can now act quickly without asking for reports that will take time to get.

The A2B Solution Inc. capacity to understand the business internal processes and intelligence, and then establish the bridge between the actual internal Big Data apps to not only enter data, manage data, but now analyzing and publishing them in order to act is now proven by fact.

Contact us: solution@a2bsolution.com or visit our website: www.a2bsolution.com.


Webinar with Sherweb in project management using SharePoint

A2B Solution was invited as an expert and guest speaker by SherWeb to present a Webinar on Sharepoint’s how-to for project and task management.

SherWeb a renowned and respected worldwide hosted services leaders, and A2B Solution, a consulting firm specialized in business processes and the implementation of collaboration tools, have joined efforts in order to share their knowledge on project and task management using Sharepoint.

This 60 minutes Webinar shows you how you can become more efficient, save time and resources while managing project on a collaborative platform. This webinar will give you all the specifics on how to position SharePoint as the ultimate project management tool to ensure that tasks are visible, accessible and always up to date – no matter who needs them or when.

Learn how SharePoint can help your company:

  • Organize information
  • Create lists and tasks
  • Create custom views
  • Create and manage permissions and alerts
  • Simplify project management by collaborating in the cloud

You can view this Webinar online:


New official sponsor

Quebec Speed skating federation welcomes A2B Solution

Québec, December 5, 2013 –

The Quebec Speed Skating Federation  (FPVQ) is pleased to announce the arrival of a new corporate partner in his sport. A2B Solution becomes official sponsor of the Federation.

The FPVQ welcomes and applauds this new partnership with A2B Solution for the establishment of a platform for Intranet / Extranet for the Federation. A2B Solution will then be present as a sponsor for different speed skating events and competitions of the Federation.

The general manager of the Federation, Robert Dubreuil, welcomed the new partnership: “I thank the President of A2B Solution, Mr. Denis Paradis, and his team for their trust and support of our sport. We are proud to partner with A2B Solution and are confident that this partnership will be very positive for everyone!

A2B Solution offer, for nearly 10 years expertise of coaching in management solutions such as the implementation of business processes, project management tools and structure and continuous improvement. They are also specialized in the development of web applications for collaboration to facilitate the processing and sharing of  information within a company.

Founded in 1971, the Federation of Speed ​​Skating Canada develops and governed speed skating on ice short track and long track and also rollerblading. It has over 5800 members spread in more than 50 clubs in Québec.


Communication FPVQ

Cell phone : 418-570-2973


A2B Solution Inc. continues the implementation of COLLABO-RAY in all sectors

After CESS, the center of expertise in health Estrie recently established and SIP GROUP (electrical contractor of the South Shore of Montreal), A2B Solution Inc. has initiated the implementation of a COLLABO-RAY site for the Oil transformation group of HYDRO-QUÉBEC located in Varennes and for a tourism organization DESTINATION SHERBROOKE.

Several other projects are currently on the drawing table of A2B Solution Inc. and will be announced shortly.

The COLLABO-RAY service allows access to a collaborative environment for an individual or a team through the web, including:

  • Sharing documents via a documentation library  with revision management;
  • The creation and sharing of calendars;
  • The creation, sharing and assigning tasks;
  • Integration of Access or Excel data to create, manage or publish data or lists of data for you or your team; and you can limit the amount of information you want to give access  as you wish (choice of rows or columns to be published) easily;
  • The creation of advertisements, surveys, discussion forums and knowledge base “Blog” style;
  • A single user management to supervise and / or limit access to information.

In fact, COLLABO-RAY allows you to have access to an intranet for your team fully web, easy to use and very affordable. This intranet can even become an extranet for your customers if you want. In addition, this environment is secure on powerful web servers with service redundancy and built-in backup.


Launch of the new website

A2B Solutions launches its new website and invites all its customers, partners and employees to discover its services.
And do not hesitate to send your comments, improvements, and other issues for your reading pleasure.


A2B Solution Launches COLLABO-RAY Service

A2B Solution has officially announced the launch of its COLLABORAY service; a web collaboration service that allows an individual, a consultant, an organization,  a company to share a workspace on the web.
The COLLABO-RAY service enables access to a collaborative environment for an individual or a team on the web, including:

· Sharing documents via a document library with revision management;

· The creation and sharing of calendars;

· The creation, sharing and assigning tasks;

· Integration of Access or Excel data to create, manage or publish data or lists of data for you or your team; and the more you can limit the amount of information you want to give access (choice of rows or columns to be published) easily;

· Creating ads, surveys, discussion forums and knowledge baseWikipedia style;

· A single user management to supervise and / or limit access to information.

In fact, COLLABO-RAY allows you to have access to an intranet for your team fully web, easy to use and very affordable. This intranet can even become an extranet for your customers if you want. In addition, this environment is secure on powerful web servers with service redundancy and built-in backup.

A2B Solution offers different environment packages (from $ 19.95 [1] / month):

· Personalized support to create your basic collaborative environment;

· Training to create other elements and manage your website by yourself.

“We believe that the search for information or documents are an important source of lost time and efficiency for people, businesses and organizations.” Said Denis Paradis, president of A2B Solution. “And our expertise in work organization and business process shows us every day. We are confident that people will find in COLLABO-RAY a very modern tool, mandatory and more than profitable. How many times have you tried to find a document on your hard drive without ever finding by loosing an hour or two? You just paid a few months of COLLABO-RAY by doing that. No need to say more.

In the following link (https://collaboray.a2bsolution.com/Demo/demo_pme/SitePages/Accueil.aspx) you get access to a demo site where you can see various examples of project management, consultants, CPE, organization sites, etc you choose!

Based in Montreal area, but with customers throughout Quebec, A2B Solution Inc. is a company specialized in the business process modeling, project management tools and coaching,  and the information management and publication using collaboration tools as intranet and extranet. We have an extensive experience in a variety of areas (manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, business services, ambulance, software, business insurance, Centre for Early Childhood – CPE, sports organizations, architecture, etc …) and solutions to your problems .

Contact us: solution@a2bsolution.com or visit our website: www.a2bsolution.com.


Manufacturing improvement initiative (MDEIE)

A2B Solution via the SBA consortium Experts-Conseils Estrie, is proud to be a qualified supplier of manufacturing improvement initiative (EAP) of the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE).

Mr. Denis Paradis is the project manager responsible for all projects undertaken by the SBA consortium Experts-Conseils Estrie. It ensures that the project will be completed according to schedule and is the official interface vs the MDEIE for the project monitoring and reports related.