What is a COLLABORATION site ? (see our demo site)

At A2B SOLUTION , we believe that collaboration leads to good results and better teamwork. For this reason, we have created for you , COLLABO -RAY, a collaboration tool that helps you to share the work of your team members and have access to files | calendar | list of decisions | action list| list problems and other common items according and adapted to your needs.

sharepoint images

This collaboration tool is an intranet and based on the Microsoft SHAREPOINT or OFFICE 365 applications and is hosted on a secure server accessible via the Internet, so no physical installation is required for the end user.

This concept increasingly popular is known as the terminology PaaS (Platform as a Service) . The user focuses on the use of the software and not the management reducing the costs associated with information technology significantly.

What is a INTRANET ?

The Intranet is the equivalent of a private website dedicated to your business . This collaboration tool allows you to organize and share information of your business using a simple web browser ( Internet Explorer, Chrome , Safari, Firefox , etc.). The Intranet may be limited to your employees or may take different forms by opening controlled access to your suppliers and / or customers, we then talk about: an extranet.

A good architecture and appropriate use of the intranet environment ease the access to the information, make faster the communication within team members inside the company and thereby maximize results.

Contact our experts to know the best collaboration solution for your needs .