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A2B SOLUTION applies a systematic approach starting with a diagnosis of the business or areas identified as to be improved. This assessment is reported using the Deming management and continuous improvement cycle.

  • Planning
  •  Executing or Doing
  • Verification or Checking
  • Acting or Improving

The diagnostic results are used to know where the organization stands actually (point A) and identify possible solutions for improving the existing processes  or implementing new processes (point B). We then establish an action plan to group the improvements and drive the company from point A to point B.

We do use the Toyota 3 reals  philosophy (San Gen Shugi) to trace the image of your company (“Go and see for yourself”).

  • Genba: (the real place, the actual spot, the precise location): Go to the workplace (shopfloor) or the actual workspace and chat with real person and workers.
  • Genbutsu (the real product or service): Look at the real part or product or the real service provided (whether good or bad) and analyze it it while focusing on the facts with a focus on the requirements of internal or external customers.
  • Genjitsu (the fact, true condition, true story): Speak with data for a better understanding of the real business activities or existing processes.

We apply the best management practices and get a leaner organization by encapsulating company’s knowledge and their past learnings.