Stéphane Blais

Vice-president technology, CTO

Stéphane Blais has an extensive experience in telecommunication and excels in the vulgarization of various information technology and collaboration platforms. His career professional path has allowed him to touch the whole cycle of product development through R & D, quality assurance, project management, system implementation, technical support and operations. His listening skills combined with technical expertise, allows us to provide customized solutions and methods down to earth to help companies to a gradual implementation of new technologies such as cloud computing (“cloud computing” ) and intranet.

Denis Paradis, Ing


Denis Paradis has an extensive knowledge of the development and implementation of real time systemic management tools at the strategic, operational and functional level of a company. He spent a decade in the Toyota’s family to implement the three real japanese San Gen Shugi or 3G’s philosophy, Kaizen, Toyota Production System, Initial Stage Control (ISC), Line-ka-Goshi, 5S, etc.. His leadership is greatly appreciated in the definition and implementation of business processes and management, product and project portfolio, evaluation of customer satisfactionprocess (ISO), product development and stage-gate processKPC (key performance indicators) and dashboards, problem solving process and improvements,  and in the implementation of project management structure and tools.