San Gen Shugi (Toyota’s first philosophy) or the art of defining your knowledge before even thinking kaizen …It is urgent to act!

There is too much talk of Kaizen or continuous improvement as the Toyota philosophy to be adopted. But at TOYOTA, everybody will tell you that this is wrong. The first TOYOTA philosophy that must be adopted and the first that I myself  learned in the 90’s working in the TOYOTA’s great family (keiretsu) is the philosophy of the 3 reals (Gen San Shugi)

Genba (The place, the actual location, the real location): Go to the workplace or the actual work area and chat with real actors.

Genjitsu: (Action, the real fact): Judging and quantified using real data and the reality of your business based on the activities, existing methods or processes.

Genbutsu: (The real product or service): View the actual product or service provided, with a focus on the customer internal or external requirements.

Before you even think to KAIZEN, we need to box the best practices of your enterprise SAN GEN SHUGI in real time with real people; because you have good practices and a good product and / or service, otherwise you would not be in business !!! Identify these best practices, standardize them and use them wherever there is a need. By doing this exercise, you also will score a lot of points with your employees or team members. They will feel valued and now part of the changes. Too often we are imposing  them new methods of reform, new practices without even considering the good things they are doing now. The KAIZEN comes next, identifying the processes or tasks (products or services) to improve.

Applying SAN GEN SHUGI Shugi takes some effort but how  much rewarding your employees. And do not worry, they will then be very open to improvements.

This is URGENT, take actions, as in the aging context of the population, the knowledge is running away when your employees are getting retired. It is time to BUILD YOUR BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE !!!!!!

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